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SafeTube - A safe and
focused video player

Reduce ads, remove distracting content, and increase focus with our Safe Tube player. The best way to share safe YouTube and safe Vimeo videos.

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What is Safetube?

A safer way to let your
students watch videos online


Benefits of SafeTube

Who uses SafeTube

SafeTube Keeps Kids Safe

SafeTube was built with the education environment in mind. Where inappropriate adverts and recommended content can stop fantastic free online videos being used in schools. We have built a tool that unlocks this content in the learning environment.

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Answers to a few common questions we receive

How do I access the safe video?

After you have created the safe video link, you simply need to share the url that is created and that's it! If you are the creator you will be able to edit the title and description.

Is SafeTube free to use?

Yes, this page is free to use! However, after a certain limit we will ask you to create an account to avoid abuse of the product.

When can I use SafeTube?

SafeTube allows for educators to share videos safely. Our mission is to enable educational videos to be accessible in classrooms and ensure more students can learn from the fantastic free content that is produced. We have no affiliation with YouTube or Vimeo. Usage is limited to videos that you own, is free of copyrights, or if explicit permission from the copyright owner has been obtained. If your content is being used without permission, please contact us to have the content removed from our website. Please use this tool responsibly.

SafeTube - A safe and focused video player for Youtube and Vimeo | Product Hunt