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Parental controls that give parents peace of mind

Making everything super safe and something

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Stay in the loop and in control of all your kids devices

All of your kids devices controlled in one space

Parents can connect all of their kids devices. From smart phones to laptops. From iOS to Android.

Manage each device and child individually

Every device can be controlled and monitored as a group or individually.

Invite your partner and do it as a family

Invite collaborators to share the responsibility of managing of your kids online safety & exploration.

Easy to manage filters and search settings

Age appropriate content only and always

Choose from over 40 filter categories, and select a search setting appropriate to their age.

Build your own browser to your own specifications

Fine tune the features of the browser to match the experience you are after.

Set screen-time rules and schedules

Simple rules for simple screen management. No videos during study time? No problem. Browser off at bed time? Done!

Monitoring tools that keep you in the loop and prevent dangers

Monitor browser history in real time and historically

See where your child is online to make sure they are where they are supposed to be!

Monitor screen-time and most viewed websites

Insights & statistics let you know where your child is spending their time online.

24/7 AI powered alerts and insights on potential risks

Our AI detects suicidal searches, bullying risks, and flags dangers from over 40 search categories.

A way to manage and control your child’s journey through the Internet

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ASTRO?

Astrosafe is an internet browser built specifically for kids. Teachers or parents can create a safe internet for their kids to explore the internet in a distraction-free browser to help them stay focused on the content that has been chosen for them. There are also a bunch of tools teachers and parents can use, such as real-time screen monitoring to make sure they are safe online.

Does Astro filter the Internet when student devices are used outside of school?

Yes it does! As the filtering happens at a browser-level it means when a student connects to an internet network outside of the school the Astrosafe filtering will still work.

Can I test Astroasfe for free?

Of course. Click Get Started in the top right corner of this page.

How are student’s privacy protected?

Astrosafe is GDPR-K and COPPA compliant and we do not ask for anything which can be used to identify a student. All monitoring is done on a per-device basis protecting student anonymity. Additionally, when possible the Astrosafe browser blocks adverts, cookies and tracking on other websites. We are more than happy to provide an Ed. Law 2-D compliance form or similar documentation if you require. 

What devices does Astrosafe work on?

Currently Astrosafe can be installed as an app on iOS or used as an extension in Google Chrome. This means it will work on any laptop or desktop as long as Google Chrome is installed. If you’re interested in a stand-alone browser for desktop or android let us know at