Keep students safe online with a browser built for the classroom

Monitor your students online, and curate an internet specifically for their learning.

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What is Astrosafe?

A safer way to let your
students online

Why use Astrosafe?

Loved by teachers, tech
co-ordinators and parents

We've found there have been a range of ways schools have found AstroSafe useful! One common way is that they use AstroSafe to turn the internet into a super-focused experience where students can use free resources online to learn to code.

Leslie Watnik

Great Neck School, NY

ASTRO has allowed our kids to explore the internet and research topics freeling and both at school and beyond their classroom.

Signora Isabella Rossi

Bella Vista Academy, Florence

As an educator, I've found ASTRO to be an invaluable teaching tool in my classroom. The interactive features and user-friendly interface make it easy for students to engage with the material.

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Mansoori

Oasis International School, Dubai

ASTRO seamlessly integrates all our multimedia resources and aims real-time collaboration. My students are more engaged, and the platform has simplified the learning process for both me and my class.

Miss Emily Harrington

Thames Valley School, London

How does it work?

Astro is the first browser built specifically for the classroom

Select the content you exclusively want students to see, or pick from our ever growing library of existing content.

Shortcuts to your trusted platforms

We integrate more than 90 of your favorite teaching tools, accessible by students straight in the browser.

Build an internet just for your school. Select the content you want students to see, or pick from our ever growing library of content.

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Monitor students, across all devices

Astro allows you to monitor an entire class online, no matter what variety of devices they use. Keeping them focused and on task.

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A dedicated search engine for students

Let students search encyclopedic knowledge from over 500,000 links, shortlisted specifically for your curriculum.

No youtube ads or algorithms

Let students search encyclopedic knowledge from over 500,000 links, shortlisted specifically for your curriculum.


Astro is compatible with many different devices. From iOS to Android, to Windows.



We integrate with your familiar
software & systems

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The Internet as you want it to be

Astro is like the internet with handrails, providing students with a safe and focused experience that enhance both teaching and learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Astrosafe?

What is ASTRO?

Astrosafe is an internet browser built specifically for kids. Teachers or parents can create a safe internet for their kids to explore the internet in a distraction-free browser to help them stay focused on the content that has been chosen for them. There are also a bunch of tools teachers and parents can use, such as real-time screen monitoring to make sure they are safe online.

Does Astro filter the Internet when student devices are used outside of school?

Yes it does! As the filtering happens at a browser-level it means when a student connects to an internet network outside of the school the Astrosafe filtering will still work.

Can I test Astroasfe for free?

Of course. Click Get Started in the top right corner of this page.

How are student’s privacy protected?

Astrosafe is GDPR-K and COPPA compliant and we do not ask for anything which can be used to identify a student. All monitoring is done on a per-device basis protecting student anonymity. Additionally, when possible the Astrosafe browser blocks adverts, cookies and tracking on other websites. We are more than happy to provide an Ed. Law 2-D compliance form or similar documentation if you require. 

What devices does Astrosafe work on?

Currently Astrosafe can be installed as an app on iOS or used as an extension in Google Chrome. This means it will work on any laptop or desktop as long as Google Chrome is installed. If you’re interested in a stand-alone browser for desktop or android let us know at


Up to 3 device, ready made for your home or classroom.
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Frequently Asked

What is URSOR?

URSOR is a brand-new app designed to allow kids to search the internet in a safe, appropriate manner. At URSOR we never track, allow advertising, or collect data of your child’s usage. Our goal at URSOR is to make a useful, safe platform for kids to start their early digital education. URSOR also allows kids to save and organise their previous searches in a visual way that helps retain knowledge and make connections between all of their interests!

What is a 'Browser for Kids'?

For us at URSOR, an Internet for Kids means a safe place where kids can explore  age-appropriate content on their favourite topics without the distractions of ads, click-bait, and hyperactive targeted content.  Inside URSOR there is no social media, no auto-play YouTube, and no mindless and passive attention-killing content.  Kids should be able to access the vast knowledge of the web without the exploitation of their vulnerable developing brains.

How does URSOR help children prepare for the digital world?

You would never throw your kid into the deep-end of a pool before he can swim, so we wouldn’t suggest doing the same with unfiltered, open-ended surfing online. URSOR starts kids slowly by introducing them to the basics of searching, choosing, and navigating sources. We remove the distractions of ads and excessive paid-for links so kids can learn first to view, digest, and retain information in a healthy age-appropriate manner.

Where can I try URSOR?

STAY TUNED! URSOR is being fine tuned and polished as we speak and will be released by Autumn 2022. Until then please sign-up here for weekly updates on our progress, interesting links for kids, and our super-helpful blog posts!

How can I get involved with URSOR?

If you are interested in reaching out to URSOR you can drop us a friendly email at