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Discover our safe browser built for kids and teens

Built for kids from the ground up

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Built for kids and teens from the very start

Built in ad blocker for websites and videos

Unwanted adverts have no place in a kid-first internet we remove them from websites as well as videos.

Ai alerts on clickbait, fake news and scams

Teach kids how to spot possible online dangers, and develop their critical thinking skills.

Social media sites blocked inside the browser

We block social media that is accessible at browser level as well as at app device level.

A homepage for discovering new passions and knowledge

Daily education content, curated by experts

Daily educational content drops on topics like science, art, and world events. Discover new interests!

A curated internet by mum and dad

A fun way for parents to share links, videos, images and content with their kids.

A homepage full of websites your kids love

A quick way for your kids to access the websites you trust and want your kids to use the most.

Safetube - A YouTube without ads, recommended content and shorts

Focused video player free of all the bad stuff

Watch videos without distracting ads, comments, shorts, and block ‘recommended’ content.

Only show content from creators you trust

Only see content from creators you trust, keeping you in control of your child’s online experience.

Create focused playlists with AI

Choose a topic and our AI engine will create a positive, tailor-made playlist for your child to enjoy.

AI powered search engines for kids of all ages

Search settings for 3 different ages. Child, Tween and Teen

Open up more of the internet as your kids mature. From a closed experience to an open one.

Search results based on the filters you choose

Filtered by a rigorous and extensive filter of more than 40 categories, supplemented by blocked word lists.

AI that always answers question according to age

Ask Byte is our age-appropriate little AI helper that always has answers for your kids questions.

Managed with easy to use parental controls

Discover parent portal

Get started in 3 easy steps

Create an account

Start for free, no credit card required

Install the app

On all of your kids devices, for any platform

Browse safely

Your kids can now safely explore the Internet

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ASTRO?

Astrosafe is an internet browser built specifically for kids. Teachers or parents can create a safe internet for their kids to explore the internet in a distraction-free browser to help them stay focused on the content that has been chosen for them. There are also a bunch of tools teachers and parents can use, such as real-time screen monitoring to make sure they are safe online.

Does Astro filter the Internet when student devices are used outside of school?

Yes it does! As the filtering happens at a browser-level it means when a student connects to an internet network outside of the school the Astrosafe filtering will still work.

Can I test Astroasfe for free?

Of course. Click Get Started in the top right corner of this page.

How are student’s privacy protected?

Astrosafe is GDPR-K and COPPA compliant and we do not ask for anything which can be used to identify a student. All monitoring is done on a per-device basis protecting student anonymity. Additionally, when possible the Astrosafe browser blocks adverts, cookies and tracking on other websites. We are more than happy to provide an Ed. Law 2-D compliance form or similar documentation if you require. 

What devices does Astrosafe work on?

Currently Astrosafe can be installed as an app on iOS or used as an extension in Google Chrome. This means it will work on any laptop or desktop as long as Google Chrome is installed. If you’re interested in a stand-alone browser for desktop or android let us know at