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4 Printable chore charts for kids

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Why are customisable chore boards great for teaching children about resilience, work ethic, and discipline?

What are chore charts for kids?

Chore charts are a tool to help children build up discipline, confidence, and accountability through task setting and tracking.

How it works?

Our chore chart templates allow parents to create fun and engaging chore programs that help kids track their achievements and work towards a goal.

How do chore charts work?

Our chore chart templates allow parents to create fun and engaging chore programs that help kids track their achievements and work towards a goal.

Why do chore charts work?

From unmade beds, to toys scattered all over the house, kids are chaos! Weekly chore charts for kids are an amazing tool to helping young kids develop:

1) Responsibility
2) Discipline
3) Confidence

Using weekly chore chart templates

We created a handy set of printable chore chart templates, with useful guidance to help parents match the right type of chore chart system to the right age-group.

In our research we found that younger children respond better to a weekly customisable chore chart that displays progress in a very simple and visual way. We also found that when children can draw their own chore list they feel more responsibility towards completing it.

Our printable chore chart templates allow parents and children to identify how enjoyable a chore is, encouraging early discussions on the relationship between effort and reward. Our chore chart templates also help children differentiate between chores that benefit them personally, and chores that benefit the family unit. 

What makes a good chore chart?

For chore charts to be effective, it is best not to turn them into one sided tools of authority. We encourage parents to treat each chore chart as a negotiable mini-contract between parent and child, teaching them how to negotiate and exchange value in the process, hence why we’ve included a signature block at the bottom of each chart.

Printable chore chart templates

We created 4 customisable chore charts for kids you can download for free and easily adapt as a chore chart for a 5 year old, or a chore chart for a 10 year old with a more significant chore list. All our templates are available in pdf and word formats.

Chore chart for ages 3 to 7

These charts are simple, with plenty of space for drawing and colouring in the chores selected. We have developed two formats: one that allows for a simple tick collection, which allows children to build up to a specific goal once a total number of chores or ticks is reached, and the other one designed to help create a schedule of chores children can repeat on a weekly basis, which is better for collecting weekly pocket money.

Chore Chart Ideas for Kids Under 7

- Pick up toys
- Tidy room
- Help adult with sweeping
- Brush teeth
- Comb hair
- Dusting

Draw n' Chore

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Weekly Work

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Chore chart for ages 7-12

For older children we've create 2 chore chart templates with more structure. As with the previous chore charts for kids ages 3 to 7, one of the template allows children to complete a pre-determined set of tasks that collectively allow them to earn a specific goal once completed, and the other allows them to earn their allowance week after week.

Chore Chart Ideas for Kids Under -12

- Wash and put away laundry
- Feed pets
- Vacuum floors
- Make lunch
- Carry out trash
- Put away dishes

Big Earner

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Little Hustler

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Homemade DIY chore chart inspiration

Need something else, or looking to make your own chorechart? We also collected a pinterest board of homemade DIY chore chart ideas to help you create your own for a craft week-end project. Enjoy!

That inspired Chick

A fun way to supplement your child's chore program for extra cash, especially for the chores mum and dad don't want to do.

Get the tutorial here

by Craftaholics Ananymous

Turn a plain baking tray into a simplified magnetic chore tracker with some string and a few magnets. As your children complete tasks, move the magnetising dots from the "To Do" to "Done" section and track progress.

Get the tutorial here

by Living Well Mom

Perfect for recycling popsicle sticks. Use a little bit of washi tape to create this super simple system that can help motivate your kids to do more chores.

Get the tutorial here

by Chartmatte

If your kids are cazy about toy cars, they will love this fun magnetic chore chart that will keep them on track of their daily tasks.

Get the tutorial here

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