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The safe browser and search engine for families

Keep children ages 4 to 18 safe with a browser built for learning.

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Astrosafe App

Every kid deserves to be safe online

Astro helps you create the perfect online environment for children in schools.

Astro Schools

Let kids browse the web without adverts or tracking

Astro Schools

A secure browser that stops unwanted predators

Astro Schools

Remove addictive social media sites from their devices

Astro Schools

Let them search based on age appropriate content

Astro Schools

Feed them quality learning content for their growth

Astro Schools

Connect with their digital life through an advanced portal

What is Astrosafe?

A safer way to let your
students online

Why use Astrosafe?

Loved by teachers, tech
co-ordinators and parents

Astrosafe keeps my family safe and catches all the baddies”

Leslie Watnik

Great Neck School, NY

Astrosafe keeps my family safe and catches all the baddies”

Signora Isabella Rossi

Bella Vista Academy, Florence

Astrosafe keeps my family safe and catches all the baddies”

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Mansoori

Oasis International School, Dubai

Discover the AstroSafe Browser for kids

Available on Android, iOS, Chrome, Windows

A browser for kids free of social media, adverts and harmful content

A protected experience based on customisable filters that match your culture and values.

An age appropriate search engine for research

Open the internet up gradually with 3 levels of search, Child (5 to 8), Tween (9 to 12), Teen (13+)

A homepage for all their sites and interactive lessons

Quick access to learning platforms and interactive lessons set by you

A kid-safe youtube player free of ads, comments and algorithmic content

At last, let them use YouTube in the classroom without distractions

Discover the control app for parents and teachers

School version available with lots of powerful lesson creation tools

Customize search filters to fit your children’s age, family culture and values

Choose how your children browse the internet, and customize a powerful Blocklist to your preference

Monitor history and insights on multiple-devices

Stay connected to their digital life by seeing what they search and discover.

Set schedules and timers to match your rules and routines

Set what websites they can browse and when.

Curate a safe YouTube for them, based only on the channels you want

Focused video player that removes ads, comments, shorts, and recommended content

Frequently Asked

What is URSOR?

AstroSafe  is a brand-new app designed to allow kids to search the internet in a safe, appropriate manner. At AstroSafe  we never track, allow advertising, or collect data of your child’s usage. Our goal at AstroSafe  is to make a useful, safe platform for kids to start their early digital education. AstroSafe  also allows kids to save and organise their previous searches in a visual way that helps retain knowledge and make connections between all of their interests!

What is a 'Browser for Kids'?

For us at AstroSafe, an Internet for Kids means a safe place where kids can explore  age-appropriate content on their favourite topics without the distractions of ads, click-bait, and hyperactive targeted content.  Inside AstroSafe there is no social media, no auto-play YouTube, and no mindless and passive attention-killing content.  Kids should be able to access the vast knowledge of the web without the exploitation of their vulnerable developing brains.

How does URSOR help children prepare for the digital world?

You would never throw your kid into the deep-end of a pool before he can swim, so we wouldn’t suggest doing the same with unfiltered, open-ended surfing online. AstroSafe  starts kids slowly by introducing them to the basics of searching, choosing, and navigating sources. We remove the distractions of ads and excessive paid-for links so kids can learn first to view, digest, and retain information in a healthy age-appropriate manner.

Where can I try AstroSafe?

STAY TUNED! URSOR is being fine tuned and polished as we speak and will be released by Autumn 2022. Until then please sign-up here for weekly updates on our progress, interesting links for kids, and our super-helpful blog posts!

How can I get involved with AstroSafe ?

If you are interested in reaching out to AstroSafe  you can drop us a friendly email at

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