Frequently Asked

What is ASTRO?

ASTRO is a brand-new app designed to allow kids to search the internet in a safe, appropriate manner. At ASTRO we never track, allow advertising, or collect data of your child’s usage. Our goal at ASTRO is to make a useful, safe platform for kids to start their early digital education. ASTRO also allows kids to save and organise their previous searches in a visual way that helps retain knowledge and make connections between all of their interests!

What is a 'Browser for Kids'?

For us at ASTRO, an Internet for Kids means a safe place where kids can explore  age-appropriate content on their favourite topics without the distractions of ads, click-bait, and hyperactive targeted content.  Inside ASTRO there is no social media, no auto-play YouTube, and no mindless and passive attention-killing content.  Kids should be able to access the vast knowledge of the web without the exploitation of their vulnerable developing brains.

How does URSOR help children prepare for the digital world?

You would never throw your kid into the deep-end of a pool before they can swim, so we wouldn’t suggest doing the same with unfiltered, open-ended surfing online. ASTRO starts kids slowly by introducing them to the basics of searching, choosing, and navigating sources. We remove the distractions of ads and excessive paid-for links so kids can learn first to view, digest, and retain information in a healthy age-appropriate manner.

Where can I try URSOR?

STAY TUNED! ASTRO is being fine tuned and polished as we speak and will be released by Autumn 2022. Until then please sign-up here for weekly updates on our progress, interesting links for kids, and our super-helpful blog posts!

How can I get involved with URSOR?

If you are interested in reaching out to URSOR you can drop us a friendly email at

How does URSOR empower kids to explore organically?

Inside URSOR is a sophisticated filter that guides kids to appropriate sources vetted by real humans.  Kids are able to save, link, and explore content they discover and view their search history in a way that helps reveal their intentions and interests.  Half scrap-book, half encyclopedia, URSOR makes discovering and retaining knowledge easy for young children.

How does it work?

Does ASTRO track my child’s data?

BIG NO!  ASTRO has no interest in making your child some faceless ecommerce site’s customer!  Our ethos is that children should not (and will not!) be subject to the same targeting and commercialisation that big tech has so generously forced upon us all!  We are completely transparent in how we use any data. As it stands parents can choose to anonymously donate the links they add for their kids app to our link repository to help the ASTRO team in our mission to facilitate a parent created internet.

Does ASTRO allow advertising on their platform?

Not only does ASTRO not allow ANY advertising on the platform, we also block advertising inside our browser.  This is one way we are determined to help kids stay focused on informative content and learn to decipher facts from click-bait and advertising. If you ever see adverts slipping through - let us know and we will do our best to get rid of them!

Does ASTRO allow videos from YouTube on their platform?

We do…but only the good stuff!  YouTube and YT Kids have a lot to offer in terms of education.  The problem comes when their very “clever” algorithm pushes highly viewed garbage and auto-plays videos that suck us into a blackhole.  At ASTRO we have blocked this auto-play function and tracking so that your kids only see topics they search for themselves!

Does ASTRO have a web-wide search engine?

ASTRO browser/search engine operates much the same way as any other.  The only difference is that we have narrowed the sources which populate the results pages.  Our content is first filtered using an AI, then vetted by humans so that only the good-stuff shows up.  We are constantly adding appropriate and family-friendly sites to our repertoire to expand our Internet for Kids.

How is URSOR different from the offerings from big tech companies?

At URSOR we believe that children should be free of the targeting and data collection that have moulded the lives and interests of us adults.  Children should have the right to surf the internet without the constant threat of targeted ads, pop-ups, unrelated content, and spammy click-bait.  Our children should not be the customers on which big-tech makes their profit.  Their priorities should be to remain children, remain curious, and remain optimistic so they can grow to be resilient, future-forward and thoughtful adults.

How does ASTRO help parents?

Does ASTRO have a set of parental controls?

At ASTRO we know how busy modern parents are (we are them!)  That’s why we allow parents as much or as little control over what their children see inside our browser.  Parents can manage screen time, block content, and view their child’s search history with a few easy clicks.  And if that doesn’t interest you, rest assured knowing we are doing the heavy lifting to keep all that nasty internet gunk away from your little one’s curious eyes.

What does ASTRO offer beside parental controls?

ASTRO is more than just a set of parental controls.  We are a kid-first browser that not only filters unwelcome content, but allows children to save, link, and explore their interest in a parent-approved manner.  Our team also selects and curates daily content to spark your child’s curiosity.  Every link inside ASTRO is chosen by humans for real kids and families.

Do parental controls on ASTRO apply to every app on my device?

No.  Any settings and parental controls set-up inside the ASTRO app only apply to ASTRO and all content inside our app.  If you are interested in setting up parental controls on you or your child’s device please visit our blog for a step-by-step guide.

What ages are best suited to use ASTRO?

ASTRO is designed for kids aged 4-10.  Once children can read and have the basics of typing, using ASTRO can be a great way to strengthen both these skills. 

Can I set screen time limits with ASTRO?

Of course you can!  Teaching our children moderation of digital devices is crucial for their mental and physical well-being.  At URSOR we strongly encourage kids and adults of all ages to practice healthy online habits by stepping away from the screen everyday!  

Other questions

Which operating systems is ASTRO available on?

At the moment URSOR is only available on iPad.  In the future we aim to expand our offerings to Android and Fire tablets so keep an eye out!

Is ASTRO available in my country?

At the moment we are aiming to release URSOR worldwide by Autumn 2023.  You can find ASTRO in the app store of your iOS enabled devices.

Does ASTRO have a search function in multiple languages?

Technically speaking… yes… but not really.  As all our sources are vetted by our humble little crew in London the most powerful and accurate results are available in English (for now…) We hope to address this in the very near future as we start to localise ASTRO to different countries. If you believe the world needs a tool like ASTRO in many languages and think you can help please reach out at

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Of course we hope you find ASTRO useful, but if not you can cancel your subscription at any time by accessing your subscriptions through the app store you used to purchased ASTRO. There are in-app instructions on how to cancel your subscription. If you have a spare few minutes we always appreciate any feedback on how ASTRO perhaps didn’t meet your expectations - reach out at

Which operating systems is URSOR available on?

At the moment ASTRO is only available on iPad.  In the future we aim to expand our offerings to Android and Fire tablets so keep an eye out!