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9 Times table worksheet generator

Generate a personalised and printable 9 times table worksheet in seconds for your students. Create equations for the 9 times table up to 100 and beyond!

How it works

How to generate 9 times table worksheets

1. Design
Pick your times table. how many questions you want and choose your layout.
2. Create
Click create and we’ll generate your worksheet in seconds! Sign up for free to download.
3. Print & Share
Now it’s all yours to download, print, and share with your students.

Learn the 9 times table

9 Times table chart

The 9 times table involves multiplying 9 with other integers. Proficiency in the 9 x table boosts students' confidence in math. There is an interesting trick to the 9x table. Students can try the 'finger trick': Hold up all 10 fingers. Starting with the left pinkie as number “1”, fold down the finger you wish to multiply by 9, and the remaining fingers will represent the product. For example, for 9 x 5, count to 5 fingers, starting at the left pinkie. Finger number five is the left thumb. Put down the left thumb, and you are left with 4 fingers on the left hand and 5 on the right. 9 x 5 = 45. Another interesting fact about the 9 x table is that if you add the digits of each product, they will add up to nine. For example: 9 x 6 = 54. 5 + 4 = 9. See the nine times table below.

Who uses AstroSafe

Making teaching simple

AstroSafe makes the job of organising and creating lessons quick and simple. So teachers can spend more time teaching and less time on prep.

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For teachers looking for a quick and easy way to prepare curriculum aligned lessons, AstroSafe makes creating a worksheet as simple as clicking a button.
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Tutors can easily curate worksheets to appropriate level for each of their students. Personalised worksheet creation has never been simpler and quicker.
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AstroSafe makes it simple to support your child at home by allowing parents to make classroom-grade worksheets at a click of a button.

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