A name change, pilot program updates, and a national distribution deal.

July 2, 2024

3 min

New school year, new name.

The URSOR name had a really cool backstory. It was an A16Z inspired abbreviation of the name URSA MINOR, the constellation in which Polaris, the North Star, is lodged in. We kept the first and last 2 letters of the name, UR and OR, and replaced the five letters in the middle with the number 5. First landing on UR5OR, which eventually became ASTROSAFE.

URSOR was created to help educators provide a constellation of safe and useful internet links for their students out of the scary vastness of the internet, which made URSOR a fitting name, but a hard one to pronounce.

The fatal blow to URSOR was dealt by our Italian distribution partners Campus Store, who will be adding ASTROSAFE as the pre-installed browser of choice in all school laptops designated to the Italian education market going forward. An incredible win for our little business, but one that came with the condition of a new and better name, and thus, ASTROSAFE was born.

In other news, we have completed our pilot program with the Great Neck Public Schools in New York along with the American School in London. The results were fantastic and insightful. The features we managed to develop alongside the staff and students have led to a set of brand new features and integrations we look forward to announcing soon. Stay tuned!

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