ASTRO - An Internet discovery tool for kids.

Rebuilding the Internet kid-first.

March 7, 2024

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ASTRO - An Internet discovery tool for kids.

We’re building an internet discovery tool designed for families and kids. Educational. Private. Safe.

There are more bytes on the web than stars in the universe. The Internet is Humanity's greatest tool. It keeps us connected, informed, entertained and educated. It’s something we simply can’t live without. But the Internet wasn’t built for kids.

If, like us, you have young daughters, sons, nieces or cousins in your life, we know you share our concerns over the way in which an increasingly younger generation of children is accessing the Internet without us by their side to help them learn what is right and what is wrong. Furthermore, the tools we use to discover the Internet today are designed to collect our data, keep us inside invisible bubbles we can’t escape from, and turn us all, including our children, into a commodity.

Some of us will remember a childhood in which our parents were still the gate-keepers to a complex world, and for better or worse could choose what we learned and how we learned it. First in our homes, then through our neighbourhoods and schools, and eventually from the world at large.

We’re building a new Internet discovery tool we hope can work as an extension of parenting, and not of big tech. We’re building a tool we hope can help leverage the Internet to educate and entertain our children in an environment that feels safe and productive. We’re building a tool that treats our children like the future, and not like a product. 

If this sounds like a tool you’d love to use. We invite you to join our cause, and help us reclaim the Internet for future generations to come.

Watch this space.

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The AstroSafe content team is committed to creating high-quality and child-friendly content that aims to help educators, parents, and guardians make it easier for students to learn important subjects for their development. Our team of writers have extensive experience at creating content for a multitude of subjects intended for children ages 12 and below.

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