Search history shipped!

Turning Search History into Search Trails

November 14, 2023

1 mins read time
Search history shipped!

What’s in a search? A helluva lot! A search is a reflection of our intent. We search what we think about, which means that our search history is kind of the history of our own thoughts!

For decades, traditional search engines have quantified what we search and used this data to tell corporations what we’re looking for, which we don’t think is right!

We look at search differently inside of URSOR. We think a search history can be a powerful tool for people to map their own trail of thought, and identify how different searches connect different ideas. In essence we see the search history as a learning tool.

Today we shipped the first iteration of search history for kids inside of the URSOR browser. We expect this to be an extremely important feature which we will continuously improve as we progress.

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