A safe and focused video player for YouTube and Vimeo

November 28, 2023

3 min

Hi there!

We're excited to introduce Safe Tube, a FREE safe & focused video player designed for teachers & parents (or anyone really) who wants to share videos without ads, distractions or recommended videos.

Give safeTube a try here.

With Safe Tube, you can easily share video links in the classroom or with your children, ensuring a distraction-free viewing experience.

In this video, we've walked you through how it works, from creating a video link to selecting specific timestamps.

Made with love by the Astrosafe team for everyone to enjoy! Let us know what you think, how to improve this, and what we should be doing next!

Why did we do this? Teachers often have a hard time sharing fantastic educational or fun videos in classrooms because kids get bombarded with inappropriate adverts or recommended unrelated content which derail their lessons. We wanted to create a simple tool which makes teaching a little bit easier, and lessons a bit more more fun using the fantastic free stuff you can find online! Filippo, Alexis, Joe, Homan and Mike

Support us on our Product Hunt launch, leave us an upvote & and comment on any teachers who would be interested!

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