Astro x Troomi - Partnership announcement

AstroSafe partners with Troomi to offer a kid-safe browser to families across the USA.

July 2, 2024

2 mins
Astro x Troomi - Partnership announcement

Super thrilled to announce that AstroSafe has been chosen by Troomi, the leading kid-safe mobile phone provider in the USA, as their exclusive kid-safe browser.

After a rigorous review and assessment of our technology and solution, 
the AstroSafe browser will be rolling out to Troomi Android devices across the US in the fall.

Troomi’s vision is inspiring, and their product is nothing short of genius -  mobile devices and plans that work for kids, teens and their family, right out of the box.

A breath of fresh Air, and a much needed product for families that really care about the digital  safety of their children.

You can read more about their kid-safe device offering on the Troomi Website.

We’re delighted to have been chosen by the Troomi team as their default kid-safe browser, freeing their customers from the limited choice of:

a) No browser for their kids at all (denying them humanity's greatest tool)
b) Industry standard browsers with broken filter systems, and virtually non existent controls.

By partnering with AstroSafe, Troomi will start offering all of their customers across 50 states in the USA the opportunity to let their children use the internet in a safe environment that aligns with Troomi’s promise and values. 

What does the partnership mean exactly

  1. The AstroSafe Browser App will become the default browser app on all Troomi devices shipped to kids and teens.
  2. Our APIs will allow Troomi to integrate our browser filter setting, monitoring and control tools directly in their own Troomi parent portal.

What does this allow Troomi users to achieve

  1. Our SafeTube feature will allow parents to offer a truly safe YouTube experience to their children, free of algorithmic content, ads, comments and shorts, with videos only from the creators they trust.
  2. Our age-appropriate Search Settings will allow children to browse the internet in an age appropriate manner, with search results that are tailored to their parent’s cultural preferences and values.
  3. Our Modular filters will allow families to create unique content filters for each individual child, selected from more than 50 unique categories in a manner that also reflects their family values and cultural preferences.
  4. Our Educational Content team will provide Troomi users with daily and super useful link and content on subjects like STEM, Art, Nature, Technology and Music, preparing them for the future.
  5. Our History monitoring tools will allow parents to stay in the loop, know what their children are searching, and what websites they visit, giving them an opportunity to help children discover their true self alongside them.
  6. Our Lessons and Content feature will allow parents to curate a corner of the internet for their children to discover, with collections of links, videos, quizzes and general content on subjects they care about.

About Troomi - Headquartered in Orem, Utah, and led by Bill Brady, David Preece, and Joe Ford, Troomi is the USAs leading provider of kid-safe mobile devices, offering superior built in parental control tools that keep children protected and families together.

Our missions could not be more aligned, and we cannot wait to tell you more about our joint plans to make the Internet a safe and useful extension of parenting, as opposed to big-tech!

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AstroSafe Content Team

The AstroSafe content team is committed to creating high-quality and child-friendly content that aims to help educators, parents, and guardians make it easier for students to learn important subjects for their development. Our team of writers have extensive experience at creating content for a multitude of subjects intended for children ages 12 and below.

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