ASTRO for schools

A browser for all learning environments.

April 8, 2024

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ASTRO for schools

Educators far and wide!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve developed a new browser and search engine for schools, designed to let educators share free online content with students in a safe environment.

In recent months of testing and discussions with educators we discovered something super important:

Even though YouTube and the Internet at large contain some of the best free learning resources in the world, the vast majority of educators simply can’t share these with their students.

This is because browsers and search engines aren’t very safe, the internet is riddled with ads, and the YouTube recommender system makes it easy for children to get distracted.

This has led teachers to only use content hidden behind paywalls, or only allow students internet access where 1 to 1 supervision is available (almost never).

We realized that by adapting the Browser and Search Engine we have already built for families, we could change this, and make the Internet accessible in all learning environments.

There are 3 components to ASTRO for schools

1. A Tablet App for Students (The Browser). that lives on the devices children use. This allows them to only visit links and videos shared by their teachers, and nothing else!

2. A Web App for Educators. Educators can create classrooms, connect with each of the students, share sets of links arranged by lesson or theme, and monitor real time student usage. 

3. An open repository of links. Educators can browse sets of links created by all other teachers on the platform, and easily implement them within their own learning.

Book a demo!

We’re currently in private Beta, but if this is the teaching resource you’ve been waiting for, our team would love to give you a demo and set your school up with a trial!Book your demo here!

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