Ask Byte is now live!

Why is the sky blue? Now you know!

July 2, 2024

2 mins
Ask Byte is now live!

Ask Byte is live! A handy feature nested inside of our safe search tab, designed to supplement your children’s searches with real answers to their questions.Ask Byte is an AI that turns our little Byte into a little oracle that can answer any question your child might have, using language at a level they understand. Answers like the ones below!

This is super cool, but AI is also kind of scary, which is why we put some tools in place to help Byte become a powerful parenting ally, as opposed to a cause for stress.

You can turn it off
As with everything present in your child’s browser, Ask Byte can simply be turned off from the parents dashboard. When Ask Byte is off, the search functions as normal, returning browsable content from a safe repository of human vetted links.

You can turn off sensitive topics
There’s a switch inside of the parents dashboard that allows you to turn off answers on sensitive topics such as religion, politics and gender. Every family is different, and we respect that. This filter is a work in progress, and overtime we will develop additional filters that give families more granular control over what Byte can and cannot answer. This is stuff is super hard though, so we thank you for your patience as we work this out.

The links are still human checked
The answer to a question or keyword comes from Byte AI, but the links attached to the question are still exclusively coming from the repository of safe links curated by our team.And that’s it for now! We hope Ask Byte will make URSOR more useful and fun to interact with, and as always, let us know what you think!

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