A Byte is born

Shipping the aire to Clippy’s empire.

July 2, 2024

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A Byte is born

Cute. Helpful. A parent of 8 kids, all called Bit.  Like uncle Clippy, but without the dad shoes, and like Aunt Alexa, but doesn’t listen in and gossip all the time. It’s Byte, a friendly and loveable assistant to kids and parents that lives inside the ASTROSAFE (Prev. URSOR) browser, and we just shipped it! This and more in this week’s product release. Read on to learn more.

Byte shipped

We primarily designed Byte in order to provide a guided experience for our little users that felt more familiar and friendly, but we loved Byte so much that we turned them into the URSOR mascot! 

Byte is fun, but also serves a deeper purpose. He’s a sidekick to parents, taking the heat off of mum and dad for some of the more “provocative” digital parenting tasks we adults put up with. You blocked a website for your kids? Byte is there to take the blame! Have your kids reached their URSOR screen-time limit? Byte comes in to be the bad guy!

He may not be the Byte-man ASTROSAFE wants, but he’s the Byte-man ASTROSAFE needs.

Daily link drops 

We’ve added a brand new daily highlight section inside of the kid’s explore tab. Everyday the ASTROSAFE team will drop 3 useful links to videos and websites, based on the day’s theme. They will appear on top of the explore tab, so they are easy to find, and they will of-course be something parents can choose to turn off if they want. Your URSOR, your rules.

It really won’t be long before we make ASTROSAFE available to all, but until then, we hope you find these features useful, and don’t hesitate to send your feedback!

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