2021: An end of year progress report

What we’ve done, where we’re heading!

March 7, 2024

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2021: An end of year progress report


We’re winding down for some much needed rest and family time, and we hope you are to! We wanted to wish you all a restful break, and share some of the progress made by team URSOR in the last 2 months, as well as some plans for the first half of 2022.

Our FREE search engine is working!
If you’ve visited our public roadmap, you will know we’re going to release a FREE version of our safe search engine for kids, which will be available straight from our website. No downloads, no emails.

Our prototype is working, and we’re currently busy with usability testing before a public release in January 2022. We will share more details on how it all works closer to launch.

A free search engine for kids won’t solve many of the issues faced by parents when giving children access to the internet. In fact it is only a small component of the Browser we’re developing, which you can see in this Demo.

It won’t be perfect to begin with either, but it’s a start!

A FREE chore charting tool is coming
In a bid to help the families and children in our community with 2022 new year’s resolutions, we’ve also created a FREE chorecharting tool, which we also plan to make available in the first week of January.

A big part of our business revolves around building community, and we think that developing fun free tools that make parenting a little bit easier is the way to go!

URSOR is not a chore charting App, it’s a search engine and browser for kids, but we’re keen to find ways to make the product as useful as possible. The chore-charts we’ve developed are fun and effectiver, and if you like them we may include them into our final App.

More soon!

Our KS campaign is set for April 2022
Finally, as our product begins to take shape, we’re going to ramp-up efforts to launch via Kicksarter. This incredible community has been instrumental in developing past products, and we hope you will support us once again!

We want to keep things simple. We will sell a 1 Year subscription at a large discount, but we’re also considering a reward tier for lifetime membership. What do you think?

Our goal is to gather 500 of us parents to back the project, which will give us a sustainable base for launching and maintaining the product for at least 1 year. In the past however, more than 10,000 of you ended up backing Cubetto over time.

We remain realistic, responsible, but hopeful.

That’s all for the year. We’re going to hibernate a little, and we hope that as much as you all can, under these exceptional circumstances, you find time to rest, recharge, be with your loved ones, and be happy.

With love,

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