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Create a Lesson

Learn how to create a lesson in ASTRO!

November 19, 2023

What is a lesson?

An ASTRO lesson is an ordered list of links and worksheets curated by you, the teacher, for a specific topic. This helps students stay focused, on task, and easily navigate digital lessons in a safe environment.

Create Lesson

Once in your classroom, navigate to the lesson tab and click the 'Add Lesson' button in the top left corner or the 'Add Lesson' card in the lesson tab.

To help students find the correct lesson and to provide context for the lesson, you can add a title, description and image. Enter the title and description directly into the respective fields on this lesson pop-up. For the image, click the button in the top left corner of the lesson pop-up and you can either choose a random pattern or upload your own image. This customization makes the page more fun and interactive for the students!

To add links or worksheets to a lesson, click the 'Add Content' button on the right-hand side of the lesson pop-up. Check out the tutorials on adding links to a lesson, and creating worksheets if you need any guidance. The content is displayed on a student's device in the order you select so drag and drop the content into your desired order.

Select students you want to receive this assignment. You can assign a lesson to a whole class, to a handful of selected students, or to a student group. Find the students or student groups you want to assign this lesson to by searching for them and selecting them in the search box.

Tags can be added to a lesson to make it easier to search for lessons. Use these to label the subject of the lesson.

When you finish creating a lesson you can publish it by clicking the button in the top right corner. When you publish a lesson you can set a release date for the lesson. It can either be released immediately, set a release date in the future, or saved as a draft for you to release at a later date.

Publish a lesson

To change the release date of a lesson click on the top right corner of the lesson. This will present a dialog where you can select the date on which you want the lesson to be released. You can also change a live lesson to a draft if you want to remove it from students devices whilst you change things!

Archive Lesson

To Archive or Unarchive a lesson click the 3 dots on the class card. Then select the Archive / Unarchive action and it will change state. This feature is useful if you’re finished with a lesson and want to store it for the following year without cluttering up your classroom!

Can’t find your lesson?

Double check if you’ve archived it. This is the most common place you’ll find a missing lesson, if you’ve accidentally clicked the Archive button.

If you need any additional support please reach out at support@astrosafe.co and our team will get back to you as soon as they can!

Frequently Asked

What is URSOR?

URSOR is a brand-new app designed to allow kids to search the internet in a safe, appropriate manner. At URSOR we never track, allow advertising, or collect data of your child’s usage. Our goal at URSOR is to make a useful, safe platform for kids to start their early digital education. URSOR also allows kids to save and organise their previous searches in a visual way that helps retain knowledge and make connections between all of their interests!

What is a 'Browser for Kids'?

For us at URSOR, an Internet for Kids means a safe place where kids can explore  age-appropriate content on their favourite topics without the distractions of ads, click-bait, and hyperactive targeted content.  Inside URSOR there is no social media, no auto-play YouTube, and no mindless and passive attention-killing content.  Kids should be able to access the vast knowledge of the web without the exploitation of their vulnerable developing brains.

How does URSOR help children prepare for the digital world?

You would never throw your kid into the deep-end of a pool before he can swim, so we wouldn’t suggest doing the same with unfiltered, open-ended surfing online. URSOR starts kids slowly by introducing them to the basics of searching, choosing, and navigating sources. We remove the distractions of ads and excessive paid-for links so kids can learn first to view, digest, and retain information in a healthy age-appropriate manner.

Where can I try URSOR?

STAY TUNED! URSOR is being fine tuned and polished as we speak and will be released by Autumn 2022. Until then please sign-up here for weekly updates on our progress, interesting links for kids, and our super-helpful blog posts!

How can I get involved with URSOR?

If you are interested in reaching out to URSOR you can drop us a friendly email at hello@ursor.com.